How to go Premium

Hello and thank you for your interest in a subscription and becoming a ~chilly sniper~.

Subscribed members have exclusive access to any revealing/revealed collection, within a minute of the official collection reveal. Public or unsubscribed members can only see the rarity details of a revealed collection one hour after a collection officially reveals.

What else is included in the subscription?

Access to private discord.

Access to rarity info of collections before 99.9% of buyers.

Access to all future tooling, including smart alerts, buy bots, and expert analysis.

Priority access to our own ChillyNFT drop.

Governance tokens to our DAO, which is coming soon.

How much does it cost?

1 week: 0.05 ETH

1 month (31 days): 0.19 ETH

1 year: 0.99 ETH (75% off!)These prices change with every cohort (you can see how far we are through a cohort by checking our Discord). We are doing a cohort-based pricing model because since we are very young, we’re adding value to the product every week, just try it to see what we mean.

How to buy?

The official ETH address of Chilly tools is:


No one, not even our admins, will ever say that our ETH address is anything different from what is listed above, there have been some people pretending to be Chilly tools, don’t fall for their scams!

Please transfer the appropriate amount for the type of subscription you want to purchase to our ETH address.

Once the transaction goes through:

If you haven’t already, create a ticket with our discord bot inside of the 💳 how-to-buy channel of our discord. Please send your ETH address in response to our ticket, and we will upgrade you ASAP.

Are there any free trials?

Not at the moment, but you can get 3 days of free access by inviting 5 people to our Discord.