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How to add rarity information into OpenSea

1/5/2021Nikita Jerschow

OpenSea is an amazing marketplace to buy and sell NFTs, and millions of dollars are traded hands through the platform daily.

However, OpenSea has one major flaw, and that is that there is no way to make an educated guess on the value of an NFT just by looking at the NFT, and a lot of time, you end up having to compare information from many different websites when making trades. This can take up a huge amount of time and potentially leads to missing trades.

What information do you need to make a purchase

You need three things to look at when making an NFT purchase:

  1. The rarity of the NFT - this has a heavy impact on price and how quickly you would be able to sell your token.
  2. The price of similarly-rare NFTs - Comparing similarly-rare tokens & what they sell for is the most reliable way to make an educated guess about the true market price of an NFT.
  3. The floor movement of the collection

Our extension makes it easy to look at all three of these (and more) directly inside of OpenSea, here's how.

As soon as you install our extension, you'll see each asset has a new rating on the upper left:

Picture of how rarity is displayed inside of OpenSea with the extension

You'll also see a new sidebar with graphs of the collection floor, volume, rarity vs. price, and a realtime table of assets and their prices:

Picture of OpenSea page with the extension

How to use the extra info to snipe good deals

With the additional advantage you get from having access to more information, the best area to focus on are quick buys. Remember, we were losing sales because it took us too long to find the information on

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